All of my services are holistic. They include my strategy, expertise, and abilities – not just for one aspect of your project, but for ALL aspects.  I’m an experienced composer for cinematic and pop styles who has worked on several short films, won awards for original songs and have written themes for TV shows & immersive theater productions. I have mentors in Los Angeles whom I study with every week and I have access to music studios and other music services worldwide thru my network.

My team and I have a deep understanding of the dynamics involved in the creative process and will work with you to get the music you need.

We have the ability to work closely with your team and be a productive part of it. We’ve set a high standard for communication within the production pipeline - and at all points of the project.


Note: It is ABSOLUTELY imperative you fill out an application TODAY if you want to work with me. Please don't be a last-minute Larry. The clients who book out ahead are so much more prepared than those who try to squeeze something in last minute.




      I have references I’m happy to provide, should we get to that point in our budding relationship!

      I will treat your project  as if it’s my own, and so that means – I will not work with just anyone.

      I have a basic application form I require to help save you and I both the time, if we’re not a good fit. Because let me tell you, when we are – magic happens!